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New Year Design TipsEvery new year you make a resolution for yourself, there’s no better time to review what’s going on in your life, and why should your home miss out on the love. Here are some resolutions that are perfect for creating the Owen Sound home you want.

Keep, Chuck, or Reuse – This is the simplest thing you can do; when you take away the clutter you see what you love most about your home. Consider the things you want to keep, those you could use for another purpose, and those you simply don’t need anymore. Do this for 15-minutes, one room at a time. As a bonus you might make money selling things you no longer have a use for, or you could donate items to local Owen Sound thrift stores.

Photos Are Everything – If making the biggest impact is what you’re after this year, take the time to come up with a resolution to hang more pictures on the walls. Create a feature wall of family photos; get different sized and textured frames for depth. Not only is it sentimental, but you could turn it into a family project that everyone can enjoy while you create a magnificent feature statement.

Get With the Flow – Interior designers always talk about flow, but you can achieve this unity on your own. Just put some thought into how the house feels, each room needs to somehow link to the next in order to flow smoothly. This doesn’t mean creating a theme for the whole house, or making everything match. It simply means adding some consistency so that moving from one room to the next isn’t a stark and drastic difference. The easiest way to create this flow is carrying a paint colour from room to room or by using complimentary colours that are known to work well with one another.

Create a Focal Point – If you wish to create a focal point, literally choose one thing and design with it in mind. Creating a focal point in a room will capture attention and draw people to the specific thing you want to highlight. This can be achieved through various methods, if you have a neutral room try spicing it up with a dramatic or bold colour. This can be as simple as a throw pillow or a statement piece painting, hung in just the right spot, to give some character.

Have Fun With Colour – Make your year more exciting by incorporating your favourite tones. Change your rooms with different coloured wallpapers, paints, or accent pieces. This changes the dynamic of the room without buying any dramatic furniture. You can completely change the feel of a room buy adding new pillows and a throw to be placed on a couch or chair.

Are “You” in Your Home – Embrace your style and reflect yourself in your Owen Sound home, after all it’s your space. It’s easy to get caught up thinking you need to live in a magazine spread, but aim for a place that’s really all you.

Changing your Owen Sound Home for the New Year.

Now all that’s left to do is pop the champagne and declare it a new year of design and changes!