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Benefits to hosting Open HousesWhether or not to host an open house is a question home owners and their Agents ponder with every new Owen Sound listing. The answer is simple – why not? There are clear benefits to open houses that far out way the down sides. Here are a few of the reasons home owners chose not to host an open house and the benefits to combat them.




  1. I am far too busy to find the time! With an open house you set the date and time well in advance giving you ample time to clear your schedule and set up your home to be as inviting as possible.
  2. It’s too much work to get ready! It can be stressful keeping a home “show ready” while still living there. With last minute showings your home may not be displaying at its best. An open house will allow you to deep clean your home to ensure it is spotless since you know exactly when the potential Buyers will be visiting.
  3. Only nosey neighbours will show up! While it is true that a few of your neighbours will pop in just to see what your house looks like, they may know someone who is looking for Owen Sound Real Estate just like yours.
  4. Any one who is serious will schedule a viewing! Some Buyers chose to work on their own, with out the assistance of a licensed Owen Sound Realtor. This can make it difficult for them to schedule showings. Other Buyers have complex schedules that may make scheduling showings difficult, but may have a few moments free to pop into an open house.

Why host Open Houses on homes for sale in Owen Sound

With such an abundance of Owen Sound homes for sale we must use every tool at our disposal to make your home stand out from the crowd. Hosting an open house will bring attention to your home and help you sell faster.