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Looking at Older Homes in Owen SoundWhen searching Owen Sound Homes for Sale, many factors must be taken into consideration. The price of the listings as well as the size, condition, and age of the property are just a few. Of which the later may be your biggest long-term concern. Older Homes for Sale in Owen Sound have much to offer, with a unique look, rich history, and abundant character, they can be a delight to decorate. However, with age and charm comes more work and upkeep. Older homes require more maintenance to ensure they remain safe and secure as the effects of time passed can take their toll on the foundation and the framework of the house. If you find yourself leaning towards an investment in an older property here are a few things to keep in mind before you make any commitments.

  • Hire a professional Home Inspector – It is recommended that you hire a professional Home Inspector when purchasing any home and this is especially important when considering an older home. Your Home Inspector will check for any underlying concerns regarding the foundation and the general structure of the home, giving you the peace of mind to purchase knowing your new home will be a safe investment for you and your family.
  • Outdated wiring or plumbing – It is very common for older homes to be renovated. This helps the home adapt to a more modern lifestyle, however not all of these upgrades will have been done completely. Some homes that have been restored will only have done the obvious and visibly changes. Meaning only aesthetic updates have been completed. This will give the home a modern look and feel but not actually update the important things such as wiring or plumbing. Depending on when Older Homes for Sale in Owen Sound were built, they may be using copper piping or have outdated fuse boxes that can not support the increased demand for electricity that a modern day home requires.
  • Increased costs in the long-term – Older homes may come with an increased insurance rate as they can be seen as higher risk. Old and worn plumbing, outdated or exposed wiring, decaying concrete in the foundation, or severe structural issues can pose a serious hazard that may require intensive corrective action. Older homes also have a tendency to be drafty, as they may have little insulation remaining, which intern could cause your monthly utilities bill to be dramatically higher.
  • Lead paint / Asbestos – Was once thought of as a general use product, Asbestos can be found in your carpet underlay, insulation, acoustic ceiling material, and more. It is a naturally occurring material, which makes for a very effective fire and heat resistant insulator and was widely used. After many tests were conducted on the substance we now know it to cause lung disease and cancer. This caused Asbestos to be banned. Older homes may also have walls with paint that pre dates the 1970’s when the use of lead in paint was banned in Canada.

Tips for Buying Older Homes for Sale in Owen Sound

When searching the Owen Sound Real Estate Market there will always be homes that will need a little extra care. When it comes to investing in an older home you should speak with your local Owen Sound REALTOR® before making any major decisions. Always be sure to consult an Insurance Broker and your Home Inspector as well.