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Buying Power of Sales HomesBuying your Owen Sound first home is huge step, and can be quite costly. There are many ways to help keep these costs down, but there is one that many don’t think about: Power Of Sale Properties. Homes being sold as Power of Sale can be a great way to purchase a home for a much lower price than if the Home Owner had the property listed. These properties, owned by Banks or Mortgage Companies, have lower listing prices for the sole purpose of a rapid sale. Lower listing prices on homes that could be valued much higher tend to attract the interest of investors looking to generate more income. These are the perfect homes to purchase if you are looking to flip a property, as you can typically pick them up for less than the property value. With some work you can sell the property for a higher amount than you paid for it originally. One thing to be wary of when planning to flip a property is the amount of money and time you spend on the renovations. If you go over your budget for the repairs, you lower your return on investment.

Goal Setting When Investing In Power of Sale Homes

Buyers looking to invest in an immediately livable Owen Sound home obviously have different criteria to focus on while looking into foreclosures. This is why it is so important to speak with your Owen Sound Realtor to help you narrow down what you are looking for and be sure to view the right homes. Whether you’re looking for move in ready, looking to flip, or simply looking for an investment, discussing your goals will help you determine how much you want to spend and what how much work you are willing to put in.

New Buyers, and anyone wishing to flip the property, should create a timeline of their goals as well as a thorough budget. Because homes that have been foreclosed on are owned by Banks or a Mortgage Company and do not have any residents of the home, the state of the property can range from good to poor condition. This is why it is a safe bet that any Power Of Sale property will require a fair amount of work before you are able to move in. Do not let this discourage you from considering one of these homes as part of your regular property search.