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Prepare your home for saleWhen preparing to sell your Owen Sound home there are a few major things most people know they need to cover before they list their property. Projects such as de-cluttering and finishing basic repairs are the most common suggestions to anyone planning to sell, especially if you are intending for a quick sale or a sale of the highest price possible.

Make the best impression when you sell your home on the Owen Sound Real Estate Market

Making the right first impression is important to ensure potential buyers leave their showing thinking positive thoughts. There are a few simply tricks you can use to help propel your home to the forefront of buyers minds. Major upgrades can be costly or time consuming, so here are a few quick and cost effect ways to prepare Owen Sound homes for sale.

Clean The Windows – Clean windows will make the whole space look cleaner. If you have a spotless room but smudgy windows buyers will assume you rushed to cleanup before the showing.

The Front Door – Ensure your front door is clean and fresh, give it a new coat of paint or layout a nice doormat to make sure potential buyers feel welcome and can see your house as a potential home.

Paint Trouble Areas – Giving the trim and baseboards a fresh coat of paint will help to hide any damage these areas may have endured. As areas that take a regular amount of abuse, the trim around windows and doors needs to be touched up. This gives the feeling that you take excellent care of even the smallest details in your home.

Take Out The Garbage – There is nothing worse than going into a home and smelling that very distinct smell of garbage. Be sure to take out the trash before any showings so that your home may appear tidy and fresh.

Clean Up The Garage – Show off as much space as possible. Clean out the garage and let potential buyers see just how much storage your home offers. Hang up any sports equipment or bicycles, sweep the floor, and empty the recycling.

Organize Your Closet – Having large, spacious closets is a huge perk to most homes. Ensure buyers are able to see the full size of your closets buy cleaning them out and organizing them. A cluttered closet gives the illusion that it is much smaller than it really is.

Maintain The Property – In the summer be sure to cut your grass on a regular basis as well as cleaning up and watering your flowerbeds. A clean, well maintained property will add value to your home will helping to increase the curb appeal. In the winter you can help sell your home by ensuring the driveway is plowed or shoveled out, as well as a small path to the door, so that potential buyers do not have to climb through the snow to view your home. This can be the difference between scheduling a showing and driving past.

Smell Is Everything – Believe it or not we are driven in part by our scene of smell. If you walk into a finished basement and it smells damp and musky, your instinct will tell you there is most likely mold somewhere. Be sure to setup air fresheners throughout your home to make it smell fresh and clean. Smells linger in our minds and can influence our decisions and perceptions, so having positive smell memories of a home will help people to remember it in a positive light.