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Christmas Decorating Safety TipsChristmas can be a beautiful and wonderful time of year. The family gets together to celebrate the holidays with delicious meals, gifts, and wondrous decorations. Spirits are high and we tend to get lost in the sea of festive merriment. This is especially true in the beautiful city of Owen Sound, where one can find them-self wandering through the twinkling lights as the city transforms for the annual Festival of Northern Lights. This excitement can lead to problems in many ways. Problems such as spending more than your budget, over exerting yourself with visiting family members, travelling complications, and most notably: fire or electrical hazards. It is very important that every Christmas light is hung with care, not so that passers by marvel at your craftsmanship, but so that you do not accidentally start an electrical fire and or overload your circuit breakers. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you safe while you enjoy your eggnog and festive yuletide fireplace.


  1. Take care of your live tree – If you are among the multitude of Owen Sound families that celebrate with a live tree each Christmas, than you have some extra work cut out for you. Real Christmas Trees are stunning and offer that fresh evergreen tree spell that reminds us all of when we were kids. There are always risks that accompany any tree, whether real or fake, but real trees tend to have more things to watch out for. With a real tree you must ensure that keep it watered; a dry tree will drop more needles and has a greater risk of igniting from the lights wrapped in it. Be sure to vacuum any needles that may have fallen, as they can become hazards for pets or small children.
  2. Secure your tree – Be sure that any tree you setup is fastened tightly into its stand. One of the most common injuries during the Christmas season is due to a tree that has fallen over. If you have a cat, be sure to place the tree in a position where, should it be knocked over, it will land either against a wall or in an empty space.
  3. Check the label on artificial trees – That artificial tree you purchased may have seemed like a great deal, but does the label say it is “Fire Resistant”? Any tree placed near a heat source is a serious fire hazard, so keep your real and fake trees far away from any fireplaces, heaters, ovens, or stoves. While real trees are more susceptible to catching fire, the fake ones tend to burn much hotter and can be more difficult to put out.
  4. Teamwork is key – When hanging lights, setting up your tree or garlands, and any other decorations you may have, always have a helper. Hanging lights on the exterior of your Owen Sound home can be very dangerous and you will need a second person to help steady the ladder to prevent you from falling. This rule applies inside as well; your beautifully decorated tree can fall on you pinning you in place. When you setup your decorations higher than you can naturally reach, be sure to use a ladder or step stool. Under no circumstances is it safe to use a chair to stand on.

Ensure Your Decorations Are Safe For The Christmas Season

Once you have all your decorations in place, and you are ready to enjoy them, remember to unplug the lights in your tree, as well as around your Owen Sound home, before you go to bed or leave the house. Unattended lights may lead to a short that could cause an electrical fire. Most importantly be sure to enjoy your twinkling lights and soak in the festive spirit as you decorate your home for the holidays.