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Eco Friendly Moving in MeafordMoving can be quite costly, every decision affects not just you but the environment as well. Meaford, with various programs in place, has the highest waste diversion rates in the province. When looking into Homes for Sale in Meaford remember to consider your environmental footprint. Here are a few tips to in your eco-friendly move.

  • Purge your belongings – The more you take with you, the more trips you need to make to transport everything. Moving trucks, and long distance trips can consume a large amount of fuel; by reducing the amount of belongs you are taking along you cut back on the amount of packing you must do, and therefore unpacking.
  • Limit purchases – Try to plan your meals around the perishable items in your fridge or cupboards that you already have. Do you exit cleaning with products you already have instead of stocking up on new ones. The more you use up the less you need to pack / unpack.
  • Arrange for deliveries – If you plans include the purchase of large items such as, appliances, furniture, electronics, or beds, try to get these items delivered. Many companies such as The Brick, or Leon’s will allow for scheduling of deliveries to Meaford Homes on agreed upon dates.
  • Re think packing – Most people make a run to Home Depot to grab boxes and paper for packing. Use the towels and linen you already own to wrap up fragile items with out causing waste. Any cardboard boxes or old newspapers you do use can be recycled.
  • Host a garage sale – A garage sale is a great way to purge some unwanted items that may be too large to pack into boxes, such as old bicycles, sports equipment, or clothing. Anything you do not sell can be donated to goodwill or se

Waste Reduction while moving to Meaford Homes for Sale

When you move there will always be waste. Items that you stored away and no long need, nor care to keep, as well as items you just don’t feel like packing. When looking at Meaford Real Estate, go through your belongings and before you through them away always check to see if an item can be recycled.