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Dealing with emotions while movingMaking the decision to sell your family home and move to a new property is not one that is made lightly. Deciding to sell your Owen Sound home will bring up some strong emotions, either happy or distressing. What you feel when you start packing and preparing to move will depend on how long you have lived in that particular home, how many memories were created there, how this home is connected to your sense of self, the reason for moving, and the new home you will be moving into. If you are moving for a change of pace or as an upgrade to your standard of living, you may be find your self excitedly packing boxes. Looking forward to making a major move can be exhilarating. However if you are selling for reasons out of your control or because of necessity, you may feel like you are leaving an integral piece of your personal history behind. Regardless of your position, selling your Owen Sound home can be an emotional experience. Here are some of the more common emotions many sellers experience as they join the Owen Sound Real Estate Market.

Sense of loss

No matter what your reason for selling, you will most likely feel some sense of loss. Leaving behind the memories made can be very hard. The problem lies in this leading to poor decisions when it comes to selling your home. These can include, but are not limited to, listing the property for more than it is worth, refusing fair offers, not staging the home, or failing to complete any necessary repairs. To avoid this problem, look at the move not as a loss but as a gain. You are moving on to a new home where you will create new memories.

Rose Coloured Glasses

You love your home because of all the memories and nostalgia it holds, and you assume that complete strangers will love it too. This over confidence can lead to listing your home for much higher than it is really worth and is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can do. Consider hiring a professional Owen Sound Realtor to complete an appraisal on your home and suggest a listing price that they feel would be fair market value. Unfortunately, your memories and fondness for the home cannot add an extra 50 or 100 thousand to the listing price no matter how hard you wish.


Every so often selling your home is cause for celebration. Perhaps your happy to moving on and being rid of a property that has given you nothing but trouble or a property that holds some bad memories you wish to escape. On the positive side, perhaps you are moving up to your dream home or to an entirely new town and you no longer need to commute. Either way, you should save the celebrations for moving day and being too excited or anxious to sell may cause you to accept low-ball offers.

Do Not Take This Personally

You have built up memories in your Owen Sound home and you have put time and energy into making it feel like a home. Not everyone has the same taste or style as you and you should remember that as you prepare to invite people in for showings. The wall colours you chose and the art on the walls are not necessarily the ones that potential buyers will love. Try not to take things personally when a buyer comes in and says they hate the colour of your bathroom or they wish the kitchen didn’t have wallpaper, these are things they can change and every one has their own tastes. You may walk through homes yourself and think the exact same things. Just remember that you get to decorate your new home just the way you want!