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Increase Curb Appeal in Owen SoundFirst impressions are a big deal, especially when looking to make a major life purchase such as a house. We as humans make snap judgments based on first impressions all the time. Once those judgments have been made it can be incredibly difficult to change them, particularly if they are negative. When deciding to list your Owen Sound Homes for Sale there are several steps you can take to prevent potential Buyers from developing negative thoughts regarding your property. Here are a few quick tips to help you be pro active and build up your curb appeal before you waste too much time sitting on the market.




  1. Paint The Front Door – A fresh coat of paint can make an older door look new. Try a unique accent colour to create a conversation piece and make your home more memorable.
  2. Landscape – Usually one of the first things the Buyer will see, an over grown and unkempt garden will make your property appear messy or neglected. Investing the money in a Professional Owen Sound Landscaper to redo your gardens will be well worth it. Giving the impression that, since the gardens are meticulously maintained, the rest of the property must be as well. This impression will increase the value of your home in the eyes of the Buyer.
  3. Add A Fence – A fence offers privacy for backyard BBQ’s and security that small children and pets will be safe. These are both features that potential Buyers will be looking for.
  4. Outdoor Lighting – Some showings will take place at night where it can be difficult to properly see the exterior of a home. Help invoke a warm, welcoming feeling by adding soft garden lights along the edge of your front porch or walk ways.
  5. Edge The Driveway – Placing a boarder along your drive way will enhance the look of Homes for Sale in Owen Sound by adding a clean, crisp look. This can be added your self with out the need for a professional, however it may be worth asking your landscaper to install if you have already hired one.

How Curb Appeal affects Homes for Sale in Owen Sound

Understanding how the exterior of your home can affect the way potential Buyers, and even Owen Sound REALTORS®, view the property’s value, will aide you in getting the most out of your listing.