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Owen Sound Spring Real EstatePreparing For The Owen Sound Property Spring Real Estate Market

With the warmer weather upon us, a fresh new Real Estate season has begun. Buyers, who have anxiously waited out the long winter to begin looking for a new home, are preparing to dive into the market. While Sellers, who have been preparing their properties are finally ready to list. Whether you are looking to buy or sell an Owen Sound Home, now is the time to do so. The Owen Sound spring Real Estate market is getting ready to boom and here are a few tips to help you take full advantage of the opportunities waiting.


Road conditions have improved and all that wet, cold snow is finally melting away. It is time to make the effort to view the larger properties out of town that the winter made more difficult to properly view. Snow around the foundations of Owen Sound homes is melting away making it much easier to properly inspect a potential investment. Pay close attention to the areas of the property that the winter months affected the most as these may develop into problem areas down the line.


The sun is shining and the warm breeze is melting all the snow making your front yard visible. The first impression of a potential Buyer is the most important. Within a few moments of seeing your Owen Sound Home they will have quickly decided whether or not they are interested.

  • Help spark their interest by removing any dead leaves left over from fall, cleaning out the gardens and sweeping the driveway, providing it is paved. This will make your home look clean and well kept.
  • Planting a few early blooming bulbs will add a splash of colour to a yard and garden that have been browned by the winter.
  • Now is the time to open up those windows and let in the fresh air. Get rid of any dust and air out your home so that it has a fresh spring smell. This is a subtle yet pleasing aroma and while you may not notice it, a potential Buyer will certainly be able to smell the stale, stagnant air that results from closing the windows for the winter.
  • Winter makes everything dirty and the wet spring can sometimes make this worse for back decks and front porches. Power washing or a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

As always spring brings with it an influx of properties on the Owen Sound Real Estate Market. This means more selection for Buyers and more competition for Sellers. Doing your best to pay attention to the little details will help you minimize your time on the market.