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Renovating Owen Sound HomesFor many, preparing Owen Sound homes for sale can include spending some time and money on upgrades or repairs. Whether your focus is small changes, like fresh paint or new cabinets, or a much larger project such as new floors and kitchen / bathroom upgrades, you should always speak with your Owen Sound REALTOR® to determine if this is necessary. Should you decided to proceed with your scheduled renovations, always be sure to hire a professional for any jobs you are not trained to undertake. Here are a few helpful tips to get you on your way.

  • Use a contractor for major renovations – Your neighbours’ brother’s friend may be very handy with a hammer, but it is always best to cover your bases and hire a professional contractor to do a major job. Especially if that job requires permits.
  • Set a specific budget – It is not hard for a renovation to go wildly over budget. Be sure to plan out exactly what you can spend on your reno and stick tightly to it, the more you go over budget the smaller your return on investment becomes.
  • Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms – The most important part of your home to be working on upgrading before listing is the kitchen and the bathroom. Most Buyers will consider it a major bonus if they have been recently renovated. Working in these rooms can be quite costly if you are not careful, be sure to stick closely to your budget.
  • Fresh paint – A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in updating the look of a home. This will cover any marks or discolouration on your walls and, if the right colours are chosen, can make rooms look brighter and larger. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint can save you money you would have otherwise spent on expensive repairs.
  • Upgrade the fuse box – Another major point that Buyers look at is if Owen Sound Homes for Sale have fuses or breakers. If you are going to be doing any major renovations, consider upgrading the electrical in your home. This can be quite expensive so it is something you want to look into if you are already planning to do electrical work.
  • Replace your roof – The roof can be an expensive project to undertake, but having a recently replaced roof will increase the value of your home and entice buyers to make the commitment. No one wants to worry about, or have to replace their roof.
  • Do some landscaping – Major renovations can reek havoc on your yard and gardens, with large vehicles and heavy equipment going in and out of the property. Once your renovation is complete, look into having a professional landscaping company come in. This will add the finishing polish to your home and act as a positive first impression.

Increasing value on Owen Sound Homes for Sale

In many cases, Owen Sound Real Estate that has been recently upgraded will sell faster and for a higher asking price. A renovation can increase the value of your home significantly.