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Competitively Pricing Owen Sound HomesOne the most important decisions you can make when deciding to list Owen Sound Homes for Sale is the price. To determine what your home should be listed at, you will need to speak with your Owen Sound REALTOR®. During this meeting your agent will show you comparison properties from your neighbourhood as well as preform a home assessment, or walk through to determine what they believe fair market value to be. Many agents will even offer the Home Assessment free of charge if you chose to list with them.

Sellers will frequently be surprised by what the Agent feels is a fair market value of their Homes for Sale in Owen Sound. This is due to your view of the property being clouded by sentimental feelings. It may be because of a memory from that time the basement flooded resulting in the flooring and dry way being redone, or because of the time your 16yr old backed the car into the wall of the garage and it needed to be rebuilt. Seeing these expenses and wanting them to be reflected in the listing price of the home is only natural. However it is very important to trust your realtor and list your house closer to fair market value. Here are a few key signs your property is over priced.

  • Not comparative to the neighbourhood – Some times you really do have the nicest home on the block, but most of the time this is not the case. Look to similar Owen Sound listings and compare your price. A potential buyer is not going to understand why your home is 50 or 100 thousand higher than the rest of the area.
  • Have not received any interest – If your property has been sitting on the Owen Sound Real Estate Market for several months with very little interest, you may need to re evaluate your price. If your home is priced properly you should expect a flurry of showings and even a few offers with in the first few months of listing.
  • On the market for a long time – The longer a home sits on the market the harder it is to generate fresh interest. Homes that have been on the market for long periods of time tend to generate a negative perception to a potential Buyer.

Importance of Properly Pricing Owen Sound Homes for Sale

You can help your self avoid a lot of stress and headaches by setting the listing price right the first time. A price reduction can save you down the road if you have overpriced your listing, but it is far better to simply list at fair market value off the bat.