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How to stage Owen Sound Homes for SaleWhen it comes to preparing homes for sale in Owen Sound to sell, the Sellers must choose between moving out or remaining in the home while it is listed for sale. Most home owners choose to stay in their homes while they are on the Owen Sound Real Estate Market. This can help cut costs however, it also creates some inconveniences such as maintaining a “show ready” home. There is nothing worse for a Buyer than to walk into a home they may potentially purchase and find it smelly, stale, or un kept. Buyers may be distracted by the amount of work they will need to do, instead of imagining themselves living there. Since you are selling your home you will be packing up your belongs and moving once the sale has been finalized. Why not get a head start by boxing up any thing that is not used on a regular basis. Different rooms in your home require different steps to be taken when readying them for a showing.

Here a few steps that Sellers can take when preparing their homes for sale in Owen Sound for potential Buyers to come through, even at the last minute.

The Exterior

All too often we focus solely on the inside of the home and forget how important the exterior is. Take the time to mow your lawn, trim any trees or shrubs, weed your flower beds, and put away all your gardening tools and any other equipment neatly in the garage or storage shed. Washing your windows and sweeping your walkways or driveway will go along way in freshening up the exterior of your home just in time for the Owen Sound spring and summer real estate market.

The Kitchen

A clean, tidy, well organized kitchen can be the difference between “it’s a nice home but ..” and “it’s perfect!”.

  • Clear excess gadgets from counter tops and store neatly in cupboards.
  • Remove any messages, pictures, or magnets from your refrigerator.
  • Clear away papers, mail, or newspapers that may have accumulated on your counter tops or kitchen table.
  • Clean cupboards, sinks, and appliances inside and out (yes, Buyers will look inside if appliances are staying behind).

The Bathrooms

Another important room in the house is the bathroom. Be sure to remove any unnecessary items from counter tops and give the room a deep scrub to remove any stains. Consider adding a plugin air freshener for that extra clean feeling. Repairs to leaky taps or slow drains is always recommended.

The Living Areas and Bedrooms

Pickup anything that may be out of place, ensure the floors are free of clutter. If your home has tile, laminate, or wood flooring be sure to sweet and mop to show off the true beauty. Making sure carpet is freshly vacuumed will help make every thing look more put together. For the Bedrooms make sure the beds are made and the closets are neatly organized.

Last minute Staging of Homes for Sale in Owen Sound

All homeowners that are selling homes for Sale in Owen Sound, should stay on top of these tasks as it will make it much easier for you when that last minute showing request comes through. You can leave your home for the day knowing that it is prepared for any showings that may arise.