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Stuck inside during a storm?!

Here are a couple different ways to pass the time with the little ones while waiting out the storm!

1. Finger Painting:

Check out this super-creative take on finger paining from Feeling Lovesome.Simply put a few blobs of washable finger paint in a zip-top bag, press the air out of it, seal it with tape and let your tot have at it.

2. Build a fort:

Get a pile of sheets, blankets and pillows and build a fort using the living room couch or your dining room table and chairs as anchors. Once you are done building it, use flash lights to make shadow puppets.

3. Make a Collage:

Grab some old magazines and go to town ripping out what you like. Use themes like “winter” or “beach” and pick the photos that work best. Use tape or glue sticks and some scrap paper.

4. Make Candy:

Have fun experimenting with some fun and easy candy recipes that you or the whole family can take part in. You can also make your candy into little gifts to give out later.

5. Hide and Seek with a twist!

Give hide-and-seek a fun twist by trying to count to 10 in a foreign language. Or try having the kids sneak around to look for objects (al la scavenger hunt) while the counter is looking for kids just don’t get caught or you’re out!

6. Kitchen Dance Party

Turn on some music and teach your kids the Electric Slide, or some other hilarious blast from the past that will surely make you look ridiculous and inspire belly laughs from the kids. Call out animals and challenge the kids to try to dance the way they think that animal would. Try introducing some new music to your kids!