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Moving into Owen Sound Home for SaleMoving day can be a fun and exciting day of setting up your belongings in your new house, or it can be a nightmare of running around in circles with no direction. Through out the process of buying Homes for sale in Owen Sound we imagine our minds what the day we move in will be like. An exciting one that we spend hurriedly organizing and unpacking boxes of our precious things and putting them on the walls, in the closets, and on the shelves of their new home. We imagine the paint colours we want on the walls, the organizing of each room, the first meal we cook in our new home and the feeling of spending our first night. With so many wonderful memories hanging over this experience it is important to do it right! Here are a few helpful tips to avoid panic and chaos on such an exciting day.



  1. Plan ahead – Just because you got the keys today doesn’t mean you have to move in tomorrow. Unless you had to move out of your previous home and are in a time crunch, there is no rush. Take the time to get every thing ready before you start moving in.
  2. Paint in advance – One of the biggest annoyances with painting is moving all the furniture and appliances. Painting the walls before you move everything will speed up the process, as you do not need to be as careful as long as the floors are protected. This also means you do not have to try and sleep in a room that has just been painted. Fresh coats of paint will also help to make the home feel cleaner.
  3. Hire professional cleaners – There is nothing better than moving in and KNOWING the home is clean. Having professional cleanersthrough the house before you move in will help you rest easy that any trace of the previous owner has been removed.
  4. Determine the use of each room – Before you start moving in all your belongings, determine what the use of each room will be. There is no sense in moving heavy boxes of books into a room if it will not be an office. Subsequently, you do not want a couch placed in a bedroom. By putting the correct boxes into the room you will eliminate the need to run back and forth from room to room, or stand around trying to figure out where to put something.
  5. Organize as you unpack – Don’t just empty boxes and place things “wherever there is space” try and put them in their forever home right away. This will prevent you from having to do it twice.

Eliminate stress while moving into Owen Sound Homes for Sale

Buying a new home is both exciting and stressful, as in moving in. Try to make the entire process of buying Owen Sound Real Estate easier by following these simple steps and contact Shannon Deckers to help guide you in the right direction.