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Dealing with emotions when sellingDeciding to sell your Owen Sound Home can bring out a range of emotions. You may have a large number of memories that were created at this home, depending how long, or the specific period of your life, you lived there. This can mean walking away from where your children took their first steps, or saying good-bye to your old tire swing that you hung with your dad. It can also mean moving into a new beginning. Many people experience a range of emotions while selling there home. Here are a few of the most common and some tips on how to deal with them.

Experiencing a Sense of Loss

Regardless of the reasoning, you may feel some sense of loss when you choose to put your Owen Sound Home for Sale. Leaving your childhood home, or the first home you purchased on your own, or the home that you started your family in, can bring out some deep emotions. The problems this can pose are, as you prepare the home to be listed you will need to undergo basic repairs and consider staging. Having such strong emotions towards your home can alter your view of the properties value, which in turn, can lead to poor decisions such as overpricing or refusing a reasonable offer.

Seller’s advice: The important thing to remember is your emotions travel with you to your new home and memories are made no matter where you are. Try to understand that potential buyers do not have a deep connection to the property and therefore do not see the same value in it.

Experience Overconfidence

Your home has served you well and you love it, as you should! This can lead to having too much confidence in your home’s potential and listing it for more than it is worth. Over pricing your Owen Sound Home for Sale is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make.

Seller’s advice: Hire a professional Owen Sound REALTOR® to help you price your home and guide you through the experience. Your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it, even if it means the world to you.

Experiencing Excitement

Perhaps you are moving into your dream home, or downsizing to eliminate maintenance, or just moving for a change. While it’s no surprise moving can be an exciting time, be sure not to celebrate before your Owen Sound property has sold.

Seller’s advice: Being over excited to sell may cause you to accept an offer far below a far value. Ensure that you are maintaining a level head.