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Investing in a Fixer-UpperThe Owen Sound Real Estate Market is full of homes that are currently inhabited by their owners, and some that are sitting vacant. These properties are much easier to arrange showings on, as they do not require the owner having to rush out or clean up in advance. However, homes that are vacant can incur their own share of complications, especially during the winter. This is because when a home has an occupant, they will ensure the home is kept warm and also maintain the property; should a problem arise they are there to notice it and act accordingly right away. Vacant properties are often not checked daily and something that could be avoided becomes an expensive mess that needs immediate and drastic action. During the summer months vacant properties can be left unattended for longer periods of time, however in winter this is certainly not the case. If you own a vacant Owen Sound property it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your property is safe this winter.

The danger of frozen pipes is very real and may lead to one or more of your pipes bursting during a particularly cold spell. If a pipe bursts the results are extensive property damage that may impact the overall value of your home, making this the biggest risk for vacant homes. Effective winterization of your home can help prevent this from happening and, while it may a fair bit of money, it is certainly an investment that will maintain the worth of your home and help you sleep well at night knowing your vacant Owen Sound home is safe.

Tips For Winterizing Vacant Homes In Grey Bruce.

  1. Consider using a Plumber – Your first step, before doing any work on pipes or taps, should be to call a professional plumber. Winterizing the plumbing of a home should only be tackled by an individual that has been properly trained and is qualified to do so. TA professional plumber will be able to inspect the entire plumbing system inside and outside your Owen Sound home so that it may be winterized in the most effective way possible. Typically, areas that store water are to be drained in order to ensure nothing will freeze and expand.
  2. Garden Hoses – One of the most commonly forgotten items that water can be found in are garden hoses. As the temperatures start to fall, the water in the hose can freeze and burst causing water from the pipes in the wall to poor freely. It is important to remember to drain all garden hoses, disconnect them from the water source, and put them away for the winter.
  3. Clean out your Gutters – Cleaning out the gutters in preparation for winter is very important. During the fall debris builds up and can block the water from properly funneling off the roof. This can cause the water to begin accumulating, turn to ice, and damage your roof. Cleaning the gutters is much easier than cleaning your attic after a cave in.

Here is the beautiful city of Owen Sound we are accustomed to large amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. Make sure your home is as prepared as you are. Contact Shannon Deckers if you are looking to buy or sell homes for sale in Owen Sound this winter.